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Re: Russian & Soviet Music
« Reply #390 on: Friday 10 August 2012, 16:43 »
Gijs, I've heard Golubev's violin concerto on YouTube. I can't remember much of it (that may tell you something ;)), but it was in a lyrical, neoromantic style. His Piano Concerto no. 3 (on an OOP Melodiya CD coupled with his Piano Sonata no. 4) is actually quite Rachmaninoffian! Golubev's large output would definitely be worth exploring, and yes, the Danel Quartet would be the perfect group to tackle the Golubev quartets!


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Re: Russian & Soviet Music
« Reply #391 on: Saturday 11 August 2012, 01:41 »
I've uploaded a Golubev quartet or two (#9 in full, two movements of quartet 19, I think)  if I recall as MIDIs in the meanwhile if one wants to get a notion what some of them sounded like (I believe fyrexia uploaded the 10th quartet from LP, too.)

Oh, -there's- Cui's first quartet...
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Re: Russian & Soviet Music
« Reply #392 on: Saturday 11 August 2012, 23:50 »
RED button?! :o  Figures!  It's green everywhere else but Russia!  OK, I'll try it again this afternoon.  I really want that Overture in F! 

I;m guessing it's like other file sharing sites -- the green is for "premium" download and red is for "free" download.

I was confused by this too. The green button downloads to yor computer an Executable file (exe). No way would I ever execute a program file obtained from a Russian site. In this case, Red is better.

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