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Vasily Kalinnikov 1866-1901
« on: Thursday 17 May 2012, 11:07 »
Vasily Sergeyevich Kalinnikov 13.1.1866- 11.1.1901 (old Russian Calender 1900)  Born in Voina, Russia  died in Yalta, Russia.
Studied at The Moscow Philharmonic Society Music School under Il'yinsky and Blaremberg living in dire poverty which undermined his health.  Tchaikovsky recommended him for the conductorship of The Maliy Theatre.  In 1893 poor health forced his retirement and he spent his remaining years in the Crimea composing.

He was the eldest of three brothers. The youngest brother Viktor Sergeyevich Kalinnikov 1870-1927 wrote mainly choral music.


Fugue in D minor  1899
'Nymphs' Symphonic Picture  1889
Serenade for Strings in G minor  1891
Suite in B minor  1892
Overture 'Bylina' 1892
Overture in D minor  1894
Symphony No.1 in G minor 1895
Symphony No.2 in A major 1897
Intermezzo No.1 in F sharp minor  1896
Intermezzo No.2 in G major 1897
Symphonic Picture 'Cedar and the Palm' 1898
Overture and four entr'actes for play 'Tsar Boris'  1898


Polonaise on a Theme from 1st symphony in B flat major for four hands
Scherzo in F major  1889
Chanson Triste in G minor  1893
Nocturne in F sharp minor  1893
Elegie in B lat minor 1894
Minuet in E major 1894
Moderato in E flat minor
Russian Intermezzo in F minor 1894
Waltz in A major 1894


When life is weighed down with suffering  1887
On your lovely little shoulder dear  1887
On the old burial mound  1887
Bright Stars  1894
The gentle stars shone down on us  1894
There was an old king  1894
Sixteen musical letters  1892-99
I would like to make my songs into wonderful flowers 
I am yours my darling
A present for the first of |January  1899
Bells  1900
Prayer 1900
Do not ask why I smile in thought  1901
Come to me.  for soprano, alto Baritone and piano


'In 1812' - incomplete
There was also an operetta composed 1887, now lost


Triumph of Lilliput for chorus and piano
Cherubic Hymn No.1 for chorus  1885
Cherubic Hymn No.2 for chorus  1886
'Mountain Tops' for chorus 1887
Christ Eleison for chorus  1889
Lord, our Lord  for chorus  1889
Ioann Damaskin, Cantata for Soloists, chorus and orchestra  1890
'A Beautiful Girl sits by the Sea'  Ballade for female chorus and orchestra  1894


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Re: Vasily Kalinnikov 1866-1901
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I know the two symphonies get played an awful lot, but I do believe they deserve mention.  ???
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Re: Vasily Kalinnikov 1866-1901
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Sorry JimL, not reading my notes correctly. Now mentioned