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Ferdinand Ries question - Op.79
« on: Friday 01 November 2013, 01:28 »
this is a little before our time period, and I could ask elsewhere (if it's not ok I can delete this with no harm done and with apologies)- for something on IMSLP I could use some help though. Does anyone have a first edition of Ferdinand Ries' Masuero, op.79 (published 1818 according to the Ries-Gesellschaft) for 2 pianos or harp and piano?  We have a Polish danse -Danse polonaise - on IMSLP that may be that work.

(Called Mazurka in his late Catalogue thematique, and the brief incipit is the same - a bunch of repeated B-flat chords in the exact same rhythm as "our" piece - which is -also- from 1818 according to Bibliographie de la France, and was published by Erard of Paris...)- not that having that for an incipit is unusual.

Dedicated to probably the same person- well, for some of the reasons I think it's the same piece, see IMSLP page (it doesn't say, but I'm guessing that this was uploaded from Internet Archive- yep, seems to be so), but would like to have evidence, not circumstantial reasoning, on the basis of a comparison with an edition that actually refers to the piece as Masuero (or Mazurka, per the Catalogue) Op.79, not the perhaps pirate Erard edition without opus number etc. So if anyone has the original (or a reprint/new edition, though I know of none) and is willing to download the Erard edition from IMSLP and compare the two, that would be appreciated very much?

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