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Anton de Kontski, Piano Concertos
« on: Sunday 10 December 2017, 14:01 »

I investigated many library catalogues in search of Anton de Kontski (Antoni Kątski, Anton von Kontski, Chevalier de Kontski) Piano Concertos. Polish Encyclopedia Of Music claims he composed 2 Pno. Ctos: in E-flat minor and in F-major. I mainly searched online catalogues of the libraries in cities where Anton Kontski resided: Petersburg, Moscow, Berlin, Buffalo, London, Wellington, Sydney, San Francisco and Grand Rapids. I found many of his works there but no piano concertos. The Concert Allegro in A-minor op 40 is a different thing. I would like to ask for Your kind help in search of the his Pno Ctos. After I find it I will perform it as pianist with orchestra as I did with Sowinski G-minor concerto which is available now on YouTube as live performance. I am going to e-mail as much libraries in the world in search of these works - probably in manuscrpits and not in on line catalogue as I suppose. Perhaps someone has seen this scores in some antique shop? I invite You to fruitful conversation!

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Re: Anton de Kontski, Piano Concertos
« Reply #1 on: Monday 11 December 2017, 13:01 »
Best luck! You didn’t mention NUKAT but I assume you tried there first? :)
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