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Composers and Music / Re: Unsung concerts 2017
« Last post by MartinH on Today at 18:48 »
I don't know how unsung Glazunov is, but I rarely get to hear him in concert. This weekend the Tucson Symphony play the daylights out of the Fourth Symphony - my favorite of his 8. I've never heard it in concert, only the Fifth. The orchestra played it beautifully. It was magical to hear it live. The finale was thrilling - that great ending where the tune passes from the low brass then on up to the trumpets was hair-raising. The audience leapt to its feet immediately.

What's really exciting is that their new and tremendously talented and energetic conductor, Jose Luis Gomez, gave a pre-concert talk where he said that when he discovered Glazunov he felt a deep bond with the music and couldn't explain why this music wasn't as well known as the works by the Mighty Five or Tchaikovsky. He said he fully intends to play more Glazunov, especially more of the symphonies. He summed up saying that orchestras and conductors have an obligation to keep this beautiful music from dying from lack of exposure and sure, he'll do his share of the standard repertoire and some newer music, but there's a lot of great music waiting to be rediscovered by orchestras. It's a tantalizing future.
Te latest piece on the CD I mentioned is actually Sterkel's Overture No.2 which is an absolutely superb, brilliantly virtuosic piece, clearly proleptic of 'things to come'.
According to Wikipedia there are 24 symphonies!

Here's a link to a complete list of compositions posted at the Sterkel Society's website:
Composers and Music / Re: Unsung concerts 2017
« Last post by Alan Howe on Today at 13:32 »
Thanks for that, Eric.
Composers and Music / Re: Unsung concerts 2017
« Last post by eschiss1 on Today at 13:13 »
I see also a performance of Raff's Sinfonietta programmed for December 9 2017 by the University of Maryland School of Music Wind Orchestra (see their blog.) (The Oakland Symphony -did- perform Juon's episodes concertantes (Oct. 2016) and Raff's third symphony (Nov. 2016) late -last- year. Hrm. Neat. :) Didn't see that... not at all near me, but still. Ah well. That's off-topic and might deserve a thread-type of its own maybe- kudos? Dunno. Ah well.)

I like the works by Sterkel I've skimmed on IMSLP (given skim, anyway) , have planned to listen to the few that have been recorded (and hope more will be :) ) He wrote a fair amount of chamber music and liturgical music too, it seems.
7 highly charged and appropriately HIP performances were released on dhm/Sony a couple of years ago:

They are billed as Op.35, Nos.1 (in D) and 2 (in B flat) and feature some distinctly proto-Beethovenian features - e.g. driving rhythms and surprising harmonic twists. They apparently date from the early 1790s and are predominantly late-classical in spirit, but, as with many compositions from this period, there are clear signs of what was to come.
The D major quartet - the 2nd - also has a remarkably fine recording by the Smetana Quartet, and is available in a 3 CD set on Supraphon called 'The Best of Czech Classics: String Quartets'. So at least there's some choice as regards this work.

I don't have the "old Supraphon recording" of the 1st, and it seems quite unavailable. And, like Semloh, the 3rd is wholly unknown to me.

But it's strange, given that many of Novak's orchestral works are well represented on disc, that these three quartets seem to have been passed over. As Matesic remarks in an earlier post it would be good indeed if some Czech quartet, whether young or old, took on board these works. I wonder if they get much of a representation in concerts in their own country?
I think the string quartets of Novak have been inadequately represented on LP and CD. The 1st is a gem (the old Supraphon recording); the 2nd is readily available on a Centaur CD, played by the Kubin Qt.; but the 3rd is unknown to me. It's a poor showing for such fine music.
New Recordings & Broadcasts / Re: Novak String Quartet no.3 - SWR Classic Archive
« Last post by eschiss1 on Wednesday 18 October 2017, 18:07 »
Esp since the lp is (performed by) the Vlach Quartet not the Novák
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