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Quite. This recording has been "imminent" for a long time.
You bet, Eric. Thank you so much for letting us know.
I didn't have anything to do with this, but now that they're there, I thought it worth mentioning that the rights-holders (and the Opole Philharmonic) have typeset and uploaded some rare works by Noskowski (symphony no.2 Elegiac), Maliszewski (4th of his 4 symphonies) (and an overture Fröhliche by him too), at least part of an oratorio and several symphonic poems by Nowowiejski ("Powrót Syna Marnotrawnego", Op.3 and his symphonic poems Op.17 e.g. Nina i Pergolesi), and works by Lessel and Kurpinski too. In case any of this interests people (the Noskowski's been recorded and I think recently at least one of the Nowowiejski works too) I thought it worth mentioning maybe...
Composers and Music / Re: Vladimir Sokalsky
« Last post by Alan Howe on Yesterday at 23:43 »
Great minds...
...but lagging, like the CD release.
Composers and Music / Re: Vladimir Sokalsky
« Last post by Mark Thomas on Yesterday at 22:39 »
Just found this myself, not 10 minutes ago on YouTube, by following up there Santo's reference to Arkady Filippenko!
... and the promised released date slips and slips. Em Marshall-Luck wrote in June that: "we hope to release the disc in the Autumn." Well, hope springs eternal and spring is almost here.
EM Records seems to plan to release a recording (this recording) of them, so I'm confused by what you mean...

Edit: Oh, I see- because they only have 48.9% of their funding goal reached (as of February 20, 2018 late.)
I will, of course. It may be our only chance of hearing these works in the foreseeable future...
Composers and Music / Vladimir Sokalsky
« Last post by Alan Howe on Yesterday at 21:50 »
Has anyone come across this composer?
His rather lovely Symphony in G minor of 1894 can be heard here (in a 1955 recording with the State Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine conducted by Natan Rakhlin):
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