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Composers and Music / Re: Hans Bronsart von Schellendorff
« Last post by Alan Howe on Yesterday at 22:30 »
It's 'Märchen', please. Nouns in German begin with a capital letter. The meaning is indeed 'fairy-tale' or 'fable'. The plural is the same as the singular. 'March' in German is 'Marsch' (plural: 'Märsche).
Composers and Music / Re: Hans Bronsart von Schellendorff
« Last post by eschiss1 on Yesterday at 15:40 »

Melusine Op.9 is not, afaik, a "march". Where do you get that? It's a "märchen" (or singular thereof?), which is a folktale. That "märchen" looks like "march" is called a "false cognate" by linguists, but is not the fault of German or English.

Re Op.21 there is a "Fantasiestück f. Violine u. Orgel oder pfte." (published 1858, 1873) by Hans von Bülow but I don't think it has an opus number, and it is, I'm sure, rather different from his wife's Op.21 fantasie for violin and piano (in E-flat I think and published in 1891, but I don't know more about it?)
Composers and Music / Re: Hans Bronsart von Schellendorff
« Last post by eschiss1 on Yesterday at 15:31 »
(Assuming 10 was included by mistake there!)

Op.2 is already listed above (Nachklänge book 2). Could Op.21 be a mistake of some kind- maybe it's Ingeborg's work rather than Hans'?

Yep, definitely. So the reason you can't attribute Opp.14-20 is because there's -no need to-; you're assuming a gap - an op.21 and a hole to fill between op.13 and 21...- but the op.21 in that list _isn't_ actually by Hans Bronsart, it's by his wife, and that should be fixed.

That just leaves Opp.7 and 8.
Composers and Music / Re: F. Lachner Symphony No.1
« Last post by eschiss1 on Yesterday at 15:22 »
Just was reminded that the Lachner 1st has been republished in full score this year by MPH Munich...
Composers and Music / Re: Hans Bronsart von Schellendorff
« Last post by giles.enders on Yesterday at 15:01 »
Despite searching, I have been unable to attribute the following opus numbers;  2, 7, 8, 10, & 14-20

Any ideas ?
New Recordings & Broadcasts / Re: Melartin: Aino (Concert performance)
« Last post by Gareth Vaughan on Saturday 27 May 2017, 23:09 »
Did anyone record this? It would be good to have it in our downloads archive?
Composers and Music / Re: August Reuss
« Last post by eschiss1 on Saturday 27 May 2017, 22:31 »
(Unfortunately I only see one recent commercial recording with works by August Reuss, one with his wind octet Op.37- coupled with works by Karl Goepfart (quartet Op.93 in D minor) and Heinrich Schmid's wind quintet Op.28 - and even that's from 12 years ago.)
Composers and Music / August Reuss
« Last post by eschiss1 on Saturday 27 May 2017, 22:19 »
I think we've been concentrating on the wrong Reuss all along (back when we were, a few years back, listening curiously to Prinz Heinrich v Reuss' compositions and being, I admit, mostly generally somewhat disappointed, though I enjoyed his 2nd string sextet...)

Has anyone heard anything by August Reuss? Was just looking at his piano trio in F Op.30 just uploaded (thanks afp0815, if you're a member here, or of course even if not) over @ IMSLP (published 1913).

Probably at the edges of this forum (very middle Reger!) but that may be part of what I like about the look of it- capricious* high chromaticism combined with, at least from the score skimmed anyway, strong expressive Romanticism - and it looks much more interesting, involved, and inventive than Heinrich Reuss' music...

*capricious-looking, maybe, except for the scherzo where it's just capricious-sounding. I just mean more floating in key than some Romantics (not more than some others...). I haven't given the score -that- much of a look yet, and I'm probably being premature about this- sorry- but I already have a notion that that decision to open a F major (minor?) trio somewhere on/in/sort-of D-flat major (G-flat C A-flat G-flat F E-flat are the first few notes, played in unison/octaves) aren't capricious but know exactly what they're doing. (Not an unprecedented sort of thing, of course...)
New Recordings & Broadcasts / Re: Rodolphe Kreutzer
« Last post by Mark Thomas on Saturday 27 May 2017, 22:12 »
Es macht nichts, Eric. :)
Composers and Music / Re: Henry Charles Litolff 1818-1891
« Last post by eschiss1 on Saturday 27 May 2017, 21:59 »
Well, the war (and not only that war, but definitely that war) destroyed both people, industry, art (of all kinds) - so far as classical music alone is concerned (just the product, not at this moment speaking of the composers whose lives were of course often themselves blighted by the war) we also know that Algernon Ashton's music got it both at home (manuscripts destroyed in England) -and- in published versions (plates destroyed in Germany); Hans Fahrmann's music was decimated (many otherwise apparently mostly unpurchased works destroyed in the destruction of Otto Junne's publishing house); and - well, etc.

(On the flip side and more positively if a bit fliply, "World War II, while not, -primarily-, a musical, resulted in many memorable theatre songs." - paraphrasing, I think, a line from a Tom Lehrer revue.)
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