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Composers and Music / Re: Maximilian Steinberg
« Last post by Alan Howe on Yesterday at 23:00 »
Please see this previous thread:,6493.0.html

You'll see that I don't agree. I find it empty and bombastic. I much prefer his earlier work, especially Symphony No.2 which is a terrific score.
Thank you so much, Adriano. It will be at the top of my list of must-buys.
Yes, of course, Gareth Vaughan - otherwise (to me) it would not make sense, since the main title is "complete orchestral works". And it's really complete - not like that "complete" Respighi box of the same label :-)
New Recordings & Broadcasts / Ascanio, by Saint-Saëns
« Last post by Ebubu on Yesterday at 21:31 »
Following the performances of Saint-Saëns' ASCANIO, at the Genève Grand-Théâtre, a recording will be issued, even more eagerly waited as the reviews were quite positive, concerning the work as well as the performances.
Composers and Music / Re: Maximilian Steinberg
« Last post by vandermolen on Yesterday at 19:49 »
Steinberg's Symphony 4  is terrific in my view. Available on a Dutton CD.

I am Polish investigator of lost Piano Concertos. I am in touch with Grossman family and they told me their family house of the son of Ludwik Grossman was devastated during WWII. I hope the Concerto score wasn't there... And this is my kind request for any of You who might now something in this matter. We are looking for a manuscript (probably) signed by Ludwik Grossman or Louis or Wojciech Horejszo (his nickname). I searched some published scores by Grossman but no a piano concerto was found. Polish Encyclopedia of Music says only the title of the work and the key - no year nor publishing info or place of depository. We are looking for Piano Concerto/Concerto pour piano/Klavierkonzert etc. I need Your help now.

With best regards,

Composers and Music / Anton de Kontski, Piano Concertos
« Last post by Artur Slotwinski on Yesterday at 14:01 »

I investigated many library catalogues in search of Anton de Kontski (Antoni Kątski, Anton von Kontski, Chevalier de Kontski) Piano Concertos. Polish Encyclopedia Of Music claims he composed 2 Pno. Ctos: in E-flat minor and in F-major. I mainly searched online catalogues of the libraries in cities where Anton Kontski resided: Petersburg, Moscow, Berlin, Buffalo, London, Wellington, Sydney, San Francisco and Grand Rapids. I found many of his works there but no piano concertos. The Concert Allegro in A-minor op 40 is a different thing. I would like to ask for Your kind help in search of the his Pno Ctos. After I find it I will perform it as pianist with orchestra as I did with Sowinski G-minor concerto which is available now on YouTube as live performance. I am going to e-mail as much libraries in the world in search of these works - probably in manuscrpits and not in on line catalogue as I suppose. Perhaps someone has seen this scores in some antique shop? I invite You to fruitful conversation!

With kind regards

A few weeks ago I found the download of this large Alkan set for $9.99 as an iTunes [USA] download.  Seems it's currently still on iTunes but for $15.99, which is barely more than $1/cd.  Wonderful music!
New Recordings & Broadcasts / Re: Alkan Edition on Brilliant Classics
« Last post by Gareth Vaughan on Saturday 09 December 2017, 11:23 »
Will your Sterling disk of the 3rd symphony be part of this deal, Adriano? 
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