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New Recordings & Broadcasts / Re: Gade Piano music
« Last post by kolaboy on Yesterday at 23:23 »
Thanks for the review; a must buy.
New Recordings & Broadcasts / Re: Jozef Krogulski
« Last post by Gareth Vaughan on Yesterday at 23:01 »
It's not there.
New Recordings & Broadcasts / Re: New Raff recording project
« Last post by Mark Thomas on Yesterday at 22:11 »
A minor update: the Caprice on Motifs from Raff's Opera King Alfred will be recorded on 4 May, with the Concerto and Ode au Printemps following on 10 and 11 May. I hope to be at the latter sessions in Prague. The album should be released by this time next year and possibly earlier.
New Recordings & Broadcasts / Re: Jozef Krogulski
« Last post by JimL on Yesterday at 21:54 »
Perhaps the missing 2nd PC of Josef could be found there...unless it has already been picked over.
New Recordings & Broadcasts / Re: Jozef Krogulski
« Last post by markniew on Yesterday at 20:27 »
Władysław Józef Krogulski was in fact a half brother of Józef Władysław Krogulski.
I have found the follwoing (unfortunately in Polish only)
It is mentioned that:
Three years before his death, Władysław Krogulski donated his home archive to the Jagiellonian Library, it included a very valuable collection of his half-brother Jozef  Krogulski's compositions, his father Michael's, a large portfolio of his own - printed and manuscript materials - and rare notes from the beginning of the 19th century.
New Recordings & Broadcasts / Re: Gade Piano music
« Last post by Alan Howe on Yesterday at 17:08 »
Received my copy today. I'd never encountered the Piano Sonata before: dedicated to Liszt, it is a magnificent example of the early flowering of romanticism. Although clearly much more conservative in style than the music of its dedicatee, it's nevertheless a heart-warming piece, full of lovely melodies and beautifully crafted for the piano. By the way, there's some truly finger-breaking passage-work in the piece - ouch!
Yippee! Like father like son. 40 years ago the only symphony you could easily listen to was the 4th. Who could've imagined that we'd have five complete cycles of all four? Not to mention almost a dozen recordings of Das Buch? This is great news.
that our "conductor laureate" will stay some more days in Frankfurt

No, it should read: 'that our "conductor laureate" stayed in Frankfurt a few more days' - past tense. That's even better because it means that the recording's already been made!
Hi all,

I just found this on the Facebook page of the HR-Sinfonieorchester (Frankfurt Radio Symphony):

Paavo Järvi hat es in der „alten Heimat“ so gut gefallen, dass unser „Conductor laureate“ gleich noch ein paar Tage länger in Frankfurt geblieben ist, um mit uns in dieser Woche die 1. Sinfonie Franz Schmidts für eine geplante CD mit allen vier Sinfonien dieses leider immer noch viel zu wenig bekannten österreichisch-ungarischen Spätromantikers aufzunehmen

Which translates more or less as follows:

Paavo Järvi liked it so much in his "old home" that our "conductor laureate" has stayed some more days in Frankfurt in order to record the First Symphony by Franz Schmidt for a planned CD with all four Symphonies of this still far too unsung Austro-Hungarian composer.
(the post dates from today, 3 hours ago).

I did not find a discussion about this at this forum (neither an announcement of the CD somewhere else, at least with a quick google search) and thought that it might interest some of you...

I am really looking forward to hear Paavo Järvi’s recording of these magnificient symphonies!

Thanks, Kàroly.
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